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Useful and relevant Links

The following are links which you may find useful.


KENT ASA: www.kentswimming.org

ASA/SWIM ENGLAND: www.swimming.org/asa/

LONDON SWIMMING: www.londonswimming.org

PARKWOOD www.leisurecentre.com/

INSTITUTE OF SWIMMING: www.swimming.org/ios/

LONDON AQUATIC CENTRE: www.londonaquaticscentre.org/

GLL (Crystal Palace): www.better.org.uk/leisure-centre/london/crystal-palace/crystal-palace-national-sports-centre

Christopher Russell Property Services: www.christopher-russell.co.uk/

SWIMZI: www.swimzi.com/

MAILSPORTS: www.mailsports.co.uk/

CASEYS SCHOOLWEAR: www.caseysschoolwear.co.uk/

PROSWIMWEAR: www.proswimwear.co.uk/

SPEEDO: www.speedo.com/uk/en

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